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About me

My name is Stéphane Peter, and I am currently working as a Senior Software Engineer for Codehost, Inc., in Southern California. Before that, I worked as a game programmer for Loki Software. I have just started my own company, Catloaf Software, LLC.

You can take a look at my resumé here.

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My projects

I worked on and maintained the following Loki products :

Do not e-mail me directly regarding those products ! After Loki closes its doors on January 31, 2001, there won't be any 'official' channel to have problems fixed anymore.

Some of the other projects I either maintain or have contributed to :

En Français ("Oh oh oh, I am so French !")

For the French speaking people out there :

Je suis l'un des rédacteurs réguliers du magazine français Planète Linux, et j'ai notamment écrit une série d'articles d'initiation à la programmation de jeux sous Linux à l'aide de la librairie SDL. Ces articles sont disponibles dans leur intégralité en ligne, ici.

Links of interest

Linux related

My favorite online comic strips


Go to my Music page for links to my favorite bands.

You can watch a few videos of myself practicing guitar.

You can also download some of my own songs there, or from my page on MacJams or the new Download.com music service, or even my ACID Planet artist page.

Contact me

My e-mail address is megastep at megastep.org.

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